Hell encounter in Iceland - seen july 2007


In the Nordic mythology the Icelandic volcano Hekla is the entrance to Hel - nowadays called Hell. Attracting, is'nt it.



The gang on their way against a top



In Hekla's forecourt you need capitals to describe nature ...



You can see a couple of snow-spots. And a small steaming hot-spot in the center of the image. The slope at left did bite my leg. The mountain behind the steam and that in the background must have been extreme hot. Close to the steam a lava-stream has stopped running to the right ...



... that lave did not flow long - it stopped just ahead of the green field less than 200 years ago. In the green area you can find Landmannalaugur, a hot spring-pot in the middle of mother nature..



You choose your most pleasant water temperature between 30 and 60 degrees Celsius (85 to 140 deg F). In the changing-house a bit away the WC's is flushed with warm water as cold is not easily found in the area. If this is Hell-like, then let us have some more.



Someone put flowers here - the cotton-grass was swaying the faint breeze. Summer in the near-Hell mountains.

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Frits Lilbæk